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KMI 1500 TP-75

Production: 75 Kg per hour


Machine Model No.: TPM-1500tp
Machine Dimension L: 7600mm by W: 2250mm by H: 3700mm, Weight: 16,000kg (35,274lb).
Direct hot press technology, no drying oven required.
Construction Material: High Strength Carbon Steel with heat treatment is for structure.
Stainless steel for all wetted part.
Effective Moulding Area L: 1500mm by W: 900mm by H: 120mm.
Horizontal travel length: 1750mm; Vertical travel length: 380mm.
One movable lower forming platen driven by inverter motor.
Three connected upper movable platen with 2 dimensional directions driven by servo motor.
Two lower vertical movement pressing platen driven by hydraulic pump.
1st Hot Press force: 18 tons, 2nd Hot Press force: 35 tons.
Automatic two water bars cleaning mechanism for deckle ring edge wash and mesh cleaning.
Water pressure: 3 bar for wash; 15-20 bar for mesh cleaning.
One Forming Tank Recirculation Pump.
TFT touch-panel user interface with integrated control panel.
Average Pulp consumption: 50~75kg/hr x 2 (it depends on the characteristic of product).
Heating element: Heater Cartridges by electricity.
Equipped with special cooling system designed preventing from thermo-expansion of based plate.
Stable air tanks for forming platen and pressing platen.

Control Components:

All pneumatic parts: FESTO (German).
Hydraulic unit: YUKEN (Japan).
Servo motor / HMI / PLC control: Allen-Bradley with remote trouble shooting via the internet.
Electrical parts: AB, SIEMENS.
Additional fence guarding, safety relay, stop and emergency stop button.
Machine mechanic installed power: 20KW.
CE and ISO 9001 standard; UL certified electrical parts & wires.
Electricity rating: a) power: 220V/380V/480V, 50HZ/60HZ b) control: 24V/110V/220V.

Single process supply

• Automatic die and decal wash system. This water is heated through a heat exchange system from the seal water in the vacuum pump.
• One air receiver and one air puff receiver tank with inline filter, regulator and lubricators.
• One pulp transfer pump 300 litre stainless steel circulation tank with automatic pulp level control from the pulpers.
• One 230 psi die and decal wash pump. 
• One Travaini TRSA 200-2500 vacuum pump 100 Hp, 75 Kw – 100 cubic meters per minute @ 25”.
• One 200 liters per minute seal water pump. 
• One white water pump 950 liters per minute.
• One 700 litre stainless steel vacuum tanks and one white water return Pumps @ 600 liters per minute.
• One pulp screening vibrating screen.
• One compresser: 1300~2500 L/min, 7 bar
• Two heavy structural assembly frames. 
• Technical services supplied for installation and start-up. 
• Drawings
• Assembly
• Crating
• Loading
• Documentation
• Jobsite installation materials
• Spare parts (limited supply)
• All required electrical wiring (Note: the Buyer shall supply at its expense all the necessary electrical power including transformer as required by Seller for the equipment as well as all cables up to the Seller’s control panels)

Single Source Pulping System 

• Two Pulpers with 21Kw two speed motors @ 700 liters @ 4.2% and 4900 liters @0.6%. These pulpers work in sequence. You push the start button and #1 pulper fills up to the pulping level, paper is automatically dumped into the pulper . The pulper then pulps for a preset time (on the panel) and then automatically fills up to the final usage level. At this time the pulper drive goes down to low and automatically starts filling the circulation tank and vat. When the tank is empty the cycle starts over (pulper #1) and then the next pulper is selected (pulper #2) which has already gone through the same process as pulper #1. Then pulper #1 and so on. Two pulpers supplying 76 Kg per hour. Pulp is supplied on demand to the pulp circulation tank by gravity.
• One 12,000 litre Stainless steel white water tank.

Requirement/per machine
Maximum installed power for machine & mold (heated by electricity): 550KW



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