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KMI Pulp Molding System 3X-40.5-6

KMI Pulp Molding System 3X-40.5-6 with KMI Hot Press Systems HP-100 and Four Colour Egg Carton Printer

6,000,000 Egg Cartons Per Year

Estimated Delivery: 9 months from receipt of deposit for machine.

This machine comes with 3 – 12 or 10 cell egg flat dies.



Egg Carton Printing System

1050 trays per hour

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Automatic Stacker

The printed trays are stacked automatically. They are pushed out the other side ready for packing


One complete printing system to include:

One Basic Printing Machine.

One Side-Print Station with four colors total, two colors each on two separate sides.

One Top/Inside Print Station with four colors total on top of lid and one color inside lid.


DKM Hot Press Systems # HP-100

hot_press hot_press hot_press

This system comes as a standalone unit or may be connected to a conveyor dryer for auto pressing out of the dryer. One single die press 400 mm wide x 360 mm long. This system will accept one egg tray from 10 cell up to 18 cell, at a rate of up to 16 drops per minute or 960 trays per hour. This system comes complete with:

One automatic denester (optional)

One water misting station (optional)

One indexed in and out conveyor

One single die hot press

One automatic stacker and counter

12 or 10 cell Die included


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