egg Dies




KMI Pulp Machines Inc.'s team has over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and production field. These highly skilled die technicians produce moulds and tooling for the pulp, rubber and plastic industries and can boast the latest in technology for CAD design and manufacturing equipment.

With six high speed CNC machining centers that cut lead times to a minimum, their commitment to quality is second to none. Egg tray dies, egg carton dies, hot press tooling, packaging dies for electronic equipment, heavy product dies (Industrial packaging) as well as maintenance and repair are just some of the services they can provide.

KMI Pulp Machines Inc. works closely with customers and suppliers in the development of new prototypes and products for the pulp industry, as well as providing quality research & development of new designs and dies.

We carefully formulate and set up based on the requirements of the new product and once approved the design is built, tested and presented to the customer for approval.

Our dies are manufactured in plastic, aluminum, bronze and stainless steel depending on the requirements. KMI maintains client confidentiality through all phases and insures high quality dies are provided to meet the needs of our clients in the pulp Moulding industry.