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Why KMI’s Pulp Moulding System?

Our pulp Moulding system helps to create sustainable business. Our efficient molders and dryers reduce the energy used during the process when compared to other manufacturers. Not only do we believe in reducing energy inputs, but we also believe in recapturing and reusing these energy inputs. Saving money while reducing our ecological footprint is just good business.



One Used KMI 60” x 16.25” Pulp Moulding System. Complete with an pulp moulding packaging business (USA Only).

For information on the moulding system and business opportunity contact

-Don Kennedy -

Our Strategies

KMI Pulp Machines Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality pulp moulding equipment and accessories.The processes for our systems are all the same and are very simple to operate.

Our Solutions

Turn waste fibrous materials into many different packaging products. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for all your packaging needs.

Our Policies

Quality, customer service, and a long-term partnership are things our customers can rely on. At KMI Pulp Machines Inc. you are not just a customer, you are our partners.